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step by step by the watercolorist Brigitte Charland.

Here are the different demos you can look at step-by-step. These demos are shown to you to help you grow as a watercolorist.
I wish to give you notice about the material you use for inspiration.
Please read this memo about copyright protection.

In absolutely no occasions I, the artist, permit you to record, distribute, or print in part or totaly this website for commercial use. I am very generous of my knowledge, please respect my copyright. 

I am available to give day-demos to your watercolour group or association. My specialty is negative painting by multiple layers.
One day is 300$ in the Eastern Townships region, and 400$ in the Montréal or Québec region.
Please contact me at 819 346-9488 for infos or at 

close-up details of
"one heart, one night"

close-up of simply Gabrielle

close-up of "simply Gabrielle", playing in the water.

close-up of pink frangipaniers

close-up of "éclat"

close-up gril on the beach

close-up of the watercolor "clildhood pleasures"


close-up mist on the falls

Close-up of "mist on the falls"

close-up of a fence in the snow

close-up of the watercolor "almost magic"

close-up of a peach basket

Close-up of the watercolor "marmelade of apricots and peaches"

close-up of shadows on table cloth

close-up of a table cloth with shadows

close-up of wild white roses

close-up of the watercolor  "morning softness"

close-up of tulips in metal basket

Close-up details of "tulips for you"

step-by-step demo of sunflowers

Step-by-step demo of the (What a nice mess) watercolour "quel joli méli-mélo"

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