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copyright info

Here are the different demos you can look at step-by-step. These demos are shown to you to help you grow as a watercolorist.
I wish to give you notice about the material you use for inspiration.
If you practice painting from teaching material like my demos, you can reproduce some images to practice, that's what they are here for! but remember, that what you produce does not constitute an "original" and should never be shown to the public as your original art.
Therefore, you have to clearly mention to the public that your work constitute an "essai to the art of Brigitte Charland."
It is the same for any visual picture who inspires you, a calander, photography, magazine or something on the internet, they are protected by "Copyright"
You can practice techniques with those inspirations at home but remember that whatever you produce has not been from your own inspiration and should never be exposed to the public. The evolution of your art should leed you to make your own photographs or drawings for reference, and then your own copyright and originals.
My website is alive for that purpose, help you grow, inspire you, give you advice, encourage you to create your own, and if along the way you get better by copying a watercolor I did, so be it, but keep it for yourself, please.