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Demo 01, What a beautifull mess

Here are the photographs that inspired me, and the brushes I used to apply the first wash. I use my 3 inch and 2 inch brush because I am working on a full-sheet of Arches 140 lbs. rough 22 x 30.

I have vaguely placed the flowers, I established the warm and cool colors with my 3 inch brush. Then stapple at every inch and let dry flat.

On dry, I draw the contour of the flowers, then I add colour around that drawing using the same mixture that is already applied. That is called "negative" painting because you do not paint the subject (sunflowers), you paint around to make them appear.

At this stage, I prefer my round brushes to have more precision to work in the small areas around the flowers.

On dry, I draw leaves and stems in between the flowers to join them. I again paint around those new drawings. That means that I have applied 3 washes at some areas of the background. This is giving depth and detail as I darken the background. I then re-wet the whole sheet and add colour and soften the contours with my 3 inch brush again. Dry flat.

Now that the background is to my liking, I start working the flowers from the inside. I put some textured colors on the heart and it brings out the petals. I then add color to some petals to "seperate" them from the others; make them look under or over,  I create the illusion of transparency of one petal over the other by layering.

On dry, I wet again the whole sheet but this time to add cool colours to close the corners and bring you to look at the warm flowers. Finished!